Annual General Meeting 2011

The groups AGM was held on Wednesday 9 march 20011 with a total of 28 members and 11 friends attending.

The meeting was opened by Margaret Skinner (Chairperson) who welcomed all present and thanked them for attending. The minutes of last year’s meeting were accepted as correct with no matters arising.

Margaret then gave her report on the year saying that it had been a successful year with many interesting talks and activities, her full report is below.

Campbell Boggon (Treasurer) gave his annual report and stated that due to several donations and fund-raising efforts the group funds stood at £583.44. Whilst not a large sum, they are sufficient for the group’s current needs.

There then followed the election of the Committee for the next year. All current members, with the exception of Mike Broome (Secretary) were standing for re-election. As there were no other candidates, they were all re-elected unopposed in their existing roles. There was only one volunteer for Secretary, and therefore Irene Steer was elected unanimously as the new Secretary, to take effect from the 1 April 2011.

Margaret them presented a small gift to Mike in appreciation of his services. He replied that he had enjoyed his time as Secretary, thanked all for their support and said he would be remaining a member of the group.