February 2014 Meeting – Aloa Vera Products

Unfortunately Teresa Morgan-Jones, who was going to give a talk on Aloe Vera products, was unable to get to the meeting as the rising flood waters of the River Severn were threatening to cut off access to her house.

However we did have Jenny MacKenzie from the Retinal Screening Team at Gloucester Royal Hospital attend the meeting. She came to ask for the Groups help in completing her research project for her Masters degree by the Group “piloting” a research questionnaire she had prepared. Her research project aims to understand diabetic eye screening from the perspective of the patient. By getting us to complete the questionnaire, she hoped it might identify any areas which may need improving or clarifying, or other questions which should be asked. Once finalised the questionnaire will be handed to patients after their eye screening appointments.

All those present completed the questionnaire, for which Jenny was very grateful. She also answered questions on eye screening from several of those present who had specific queries.

Mike also produced a short “table” quiz for everyone to have a go at, it consisted of questions on identifying the trade names of sweets & confectioneries (a subject close to all our hearts!!) from the clues given. It was all for a bit of fun, and all seemed to enjoy it.

Here’s a few to try, answers in next month.

Example: Wise guys = Smarties

Wobbly infants =
Sport for a prince =
A band of stars =
Fathers painful toe =
Murmuring insects =