Presentation to The Gloucestershire Diabetic Eye Screening Department

On Friday 14 March Mike Broome was invited to give a presentation to the staff of the Gloucestershire Diabetic Eye Screening Department on the role of the Glevum Voluntary Group at Gloucester Royal Hospital.

The Eye Screening Department were having a training day and Angela Dale, who organised the day, thought it a good idea if those who carry out the eye screening understood what the support groups got up to. Mike prepared a short presentation and explained the background to the support group, our connection to Diabetes UK and the various ways we provide non medical support for those with diabetes and how we help with fund raising, both for local needs and nationally for Diabetes UK.

It was a worthwhile exercise as some of the eye screening team had no idea about the support group or what it did, which hopefully now they do and will be able to mention us to patients when carrying out individual eye screening checks.

Mike would like to thank Angela for giving him the opportunity to “spread the word”