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February 2016 Meeting (Part 2) – Lisa Cooper – Diabetes Specialist Nurse

After the Annual General Meeting held during the February meeting we were pleased to welcome Lisa Cooper, a Diabetes Specialist Nurse from the Specialist Diabetes Service at Gloucestershire Care Services.

Attentive audience - Feb meeting
Attentive audience – Feb meeting

Lisa gave a very  interesting talk on what effects diabetes has on different parts the body such as the pancreas, eyes, muscles etc.  To make it easier to understand she used some of the props and material used in the “Diabetes and You” course that the  Specialist Diabetes Service run.  One of the interesting points, which of course most with diabetes know, but probably do not always think about, was about the different ways food & drinks work in relation to carbohydrates and whether they are fast or slow acting.


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February 2016 Meeting (Part 1) – Annual General Meeting

The Groups  Annual General Meeting was held during the February Meeting, of which the minutes, including the Chair’s & Treasure’s reports, have been sent to all members.

Elections took place for the Group Committee.  Margaret Skinner volunteered to join the Committee and was voted on by a unanimous vote of those present.  There were no other volunteers to join the committee.  The remaining existing Committee members put themselves up for re-election, and were again accepted by a unanimous vote.   The Committee comprises of:

  • Chair
    • Mike Broome
  • Secretary
    • Mike Broome
  • Treasurer
    • Bob Watford
  • Vice Chair
    • Mike Coombs
  • Members
    • Graham Terrett
    • Kevin Powell
    • Margaret Skinner

Diabetes Community Conference

The group again attended the Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trusts Diabetes Community Conference on the 27 January, held at the Hatherly Manor Hotel. The conference was aimed at healthcare professionals from around the county who have an interest in diabetes treatment and care. We set up a stand to promote the Group amongst those attending.

Mike Coombs & Geoff Davis
Mike Coombs & Geoff Davis

Mike Broome and Mike Coombs attended on a rather damp & chilly day. Also present again this year was Geoff Davies, the Treasurer of the Forest of Dean Diabetes UK Group. Most of the other stands were either from NHS diabetes related medical services, or manufactures and suppliers of diabetes equipment and medicines. Continue reading Diabetes Community Conference

Important – Change of Meeting Venue

As from our meeting on the 10th February 2016 the Group will be meeting in Christ Church, Heron Way, Abbeydale, GL4 5EQ.  The meetings will start at 7.30pm.

The church is next to the roundabout opposite Morrison’s supermarket in Abbeydale, with the entrance to the church and car park being at the rear off the Wheatway.  Click on map to enlarge it.

Christ Church Location map


December 2015 Meeting – Christmas Social

Our December meeting and Christmas social was held on Thursday 3 Dec.  It followed along the same lines as last year with all attending bring along some food & drink to share, and also a large dollop of Christmas Cheer.

Campbell, Gaye, Mike, Chris, Stephanie.
Campbell, Gaye, Mike, Chris, Stephanie.

This year we were pleased to welcome, Laura Pearsall, Gordon Taylor and Andrew Gravells,  three local city councillors as our guests.  They have all agreed to come back next April (13th) to give a talk on the ins and outs of being a councillor.   Put it in your diaries, it should be an interesting evening.

As unfortunately Norman Douse our normal quiz-master was unable to attend, I took on the role, and I would like to think that all present enjoyed it, although there were one of two questions that no one had the correct answer to, one being: “Which is the first country in the world to see the sun rise on Christmas day? (answer at end of write-up). Continue reading December 2015 Meeting – Christmas Social

October 2015 Meeting – Selina Jetha & Gail Pasquall

For our October meeting we had Selina Jetha from the Diabetes and Endocrinology Clinical Programme Board (D&E CPG), for Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (GCCG). Also attending was Gail Pasquall, a Diabetes Specialist Nurse from the Specialist Diabetes Service, part of Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust.

Selina explained a little about what the D&E CPG do, this includes liaising with patients and patient groups, such as our Group, to get the patients views and opinions, also other health organisations such as Gloucestershire Healthwatch. The aim being to improve services for those with diabetes, one example being they are currently working with other Gloucestershire NHS trusts and organisations to create a Multi Disciplinary Foot Care Teams to be based in Gloucester & Cheltenham Hospitals, to simplify podiatry care for those with diabetes.

Gail then gave a talk on the diabetes education courses, for those with Type 2 diabetes or carers for those with the condition, available in the county that are run by the Specialist Diabetes Service. These are “Diabetes and You”, “Diabetes, Food & You” and “Diabetes, Insulin and You”.

Anyone with type 2 can attend, whether just diagnosed or requiring a reminder of what is best practice. All the courses last about 3 hours and are run by qualified diabetes nurses or dieticians. The courses are very informal with normally no more than 8 people on each course and you can book the courses yourself. To book a course either ask Mike Broome for an application form or email

Ribston Hall School for Girls

RHS BadgeThis year the Group were again approached by Denise Stoner from Ribston Hall School for Girls in Gloucester to ask if anyone from the Group would be willing to talk again about their diabetes experiences to the first year 6th Form students.

As part of their Health and Wellbeing A level, the girls are required, amongst other things, to understand several serious long term conditions and how they affects the daily lives of those (and their family & friends) with the condition. Diabetes is one of the conditions to be studied, and as well as finding out the purely medical facts of the condition, they have to understand how it affects the individual on a day to day basis. Continue reading Ribston Hall School for Girls

August 2015 Meeting – Sandra Toth – Diabetes Research Nurse

For our August meeting we had a very interesting talk from Sandra Toth, a Diabetes Research Nurse from Gloucester Royal Hospital (GRH).

Sandra explained that the research at GRH is clinical research which is the study of new treatments involving humans, ranging from a new drug or vaccine to education and self management programmes.  Clinical trials and studies test whether particular treatments are safe and how well they work.

The studies can be of relative short duration or can go over several years.  They can also be part of international research programmes that can involve thousands of volunteers. Continue reading August 2015 Meeting – Sandra Toth – Diabetes Research Nurse