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Important Notice – Chair & Secretary Posts

Mike Broome announced in October to the Group members that he would be standing down as Chair & Secretary at the Annual General Meeting on 8 February 2017, and asked if anyone would be interested in taking over the roles.  To date no one has expressed a willingness to take on either of these positions.

Mike is standing down for several reasons, one being he has been Chair and Secretary for a few years now and feels that its time for new blood to take over and bring fresh ideas to the Group.  Mike has enjoyed his time at the head of the Group and in some ways will miss this involvement, however he will be remaining a member and will support it from the “back benches”

If a new Chair and Secretary cannot be found, then the viability of the Group is at risk, as these positions must be filled to comply with Diabetes UK policy on the constitution of the voluntary groups.

Ideally the posts should be filled by two different people, so if anyone, whether a current Group member or not, feels they would like to take on the role of either Chair or Secretary, please let Mike know as soon as possible.

It would be a great shame if the Group had to close and more importantly a loss to those who may need its support now or in the future.


Important – Change of Meeting Venue

As from our meeting on the 10th February 2016 the Group will be meeting in Christ Church, Heron Way, Abbeydale, GL4 5EQ.  The meetings will start at 7.30pm.

The church is next to the roundabout opposite Morrison’s supermarket in Abbeydale, with the entrance to the church and car park being at the rear off the Wheatway.  Click on map to enlarge it.

Christ Church Location map


New Website & Email Addresses

In order to improve our website and reduce costs we have moved the website and emails to a new hosting company (Go-Daddy), this has meant that the addresses of both have changed as follows:


Chair & Secretary:

There is a forwarding system in place from the old addresses, so if anyone logs on the the old sites they will be forwarded to the new ones.  However if you use the website or emails regularly, you are advised to update your address books or quick links.

Any issues you have with the site, or questions with how to update your address book or bookmarks please email Natt our website assistant at

Website Relaunch

Our new website is launched with a fresh new look and more content. All the vital information is still here; like where we meet and how to find us. Also don’t forget to like us on Facebook, where you can find out the latest news and events right to your news feed.