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February 2014 Meeting – Aloa Vera Products

Unfortunately Teresa Morgan-Jones, who was going to give a talk on Aloe Vera products, was unable to get to the meeting as the rising flood waters of the River Severn were threatening to cut off access to her house.

However we did have Jenny MacKenzie from the Retinal Screening Team at Gloucester Royal Hospital attend the meeting. She came to ask for the Groups help in completing her research project for her Masters degree by the Group “piloting” a research questionnaire she had prepared. Her research project aims to understand diabetic eye screening from the perspective of the patient. By getting us to complete the questionnaire, she hoped it might identify any areas which may need improving or clarifying, or other questions which should be asked. Once finalised the questionnaire will be handed to patients after their eye screening appointments. Continue reading February 2014 Meeting – Aloa Vera Products

December 2013 Meeting – Christmas Social Night

For the December meeting we held our annual social evening which consisted of a quiz and “American” supper.   For those who have not heard the term “American” supper is, it’s another (and shorter!) name for bring along some food & drink to eat & share.  As always we ended up with a good spread, so thanks to all those who provided the refreshments, and judging by what little was left at the end, it was certainly enjoyed by all. And of course it was all low sugar & fat, especially the mince pies and mini éclairs! Continue reading December 2013 Meeting – Christmas Social Night

November 2013 Meeting – Foot Care

For our November meeting Preena Patel and Emily Payne from the Gloucestershire Podiatry Service gave us a very interesting and informative talk on how important it is for people with diabetes to look after their feet. Their talk included which checks should be carried out at regular medical reviews, which checks can be done at home and also explained the need to wear good fitting shoes. Continue reading November 2013 Meeting – Foot Care

October 2013 Meeting – Photo Quiz

For the October meeting Mike Broome presented a photo quiz entitled “How Well Do You Know Glorious Gloucestershire?”  The quiz consisted of a series of photographs that Mike has taken around the county, with those present seeing if they knew the locations shown.  Some were very easy and others not so much so.  For each picture Mike also added one or two interesting facts about the subject of the photo. Continue reading October 2013 Meeting – Photo Quiz

October 2012 Meeting – Great Western Air Ambulance Talk

For the October meeting we had Penny Weir from the Great Western Air Ambulance service give a very informative and interesting talk. She explained a little of the history, including how the civilian air ambulances were developed from military evacuation helicopters. She also gave a breakdown of the running costs (currently around £1.2 million pounds a year) and how they raise the cash, it was interesting to hear that they receive no government help and are not eligible for National Lottery grants either. Continue reading October 2012 Meeting – Great Western Air Ambulance Talk

September 2012 Meeting – Talk by Local PCSOs

Adam & Sylvia talking to Group members.
Adam & Sylvia talking to Group members.

For the September meeting the group were given a very interesting and informative talk by Adam Poole and Sylvia Lane, two local Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs). The explained the role of the PCSO and the extent and limitations of the powers when dealing with the public. They also gave some illuminating examples of the type of incidents, mainly concerned with maintaining public order, they have to deal with, whilst of course ensuring they did not reveal any sensitive or confidential information about those involved. Continue reading September 2012 Meeting – Talk by Local PCSOs

January Meeting Recap

For the January 2011 meeting we were given a very interesting and thought provoking talk by Kirsten Jones, a local Podiatrist/Chiropodist on foot care. It certainly brought home the importance of looking after your feet and the potential consequences if you do not, the pictures were quite gruesome!. She gave much good advice on how to avoid the potently serious consequences and answered question from those present. She also explained that there is in fact no difference between a Podiatrist and Chiropodist. The name Podiatrist was brought in when those practising in the profession where required to hold approved qualifications and register with the professional body, however Chiropodist is still in common use.

The Pampered Chef

The November meeting of the Group had all the members present licking their lips in anticipation as we watched a cooking demonstration by Juile Collinson from Pampered Chef.

Julie prepared two items for us, one an exceedingly good dip, and the other a very tasty rice dish. She had also pre baked a fruit flavoured pastry slice cake for us to sample. Of course these culinary delights went down very well, and as they were all diabetic friendly, it was an excuse for more than one person to have several pieces of the cake! Continue reading The Pampered Chef