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Siriol explaining the different food groups.
Group meeting – getting involved about healthy eating.

There are around 9,000 people in Gloucester city with diabetes, 30,000 in the county and  over 3.2 million in the UK.  Diabetes UK estimates that there are around 1.1 million in the UK who are unaware that they have the condition.

The Gloucester Diabetes UK Group was started in 2008 as the Glevum Voluntary Group, and is run by people with diabetes or who care for somebody with the condition. Therefore we understand what it is like to live with diabetes and what the issues, be they real or perceived can be. The aim of the group is to provide support, understanding and friendship for local people with diabetes or who care for someone with diabetes.

We welcome all, so if you have an interest in diabetes come along to a meeting, you will be made very welcome.  We are a very informal group, membership is free and we are perfectly happy for you to attend as many or as few meetings as you like.

Vanessa & eye diagram
Group meeting – all about our eyes.

We achieve this by giving members the opportunity  to talk with one another, share experiences and give support. We also have guest speakers who give interesting and informative talks covering all aspects diabetes, both medical and non medical. We are an integral part of Diabetes UK, the largest charity in the country dedicated to raising awareness of diabetes and  helping people with the condition.

If you think diabetes will stop you achieving your aims or ambitions, just ask any of the following, it did not stop them:

Teresa May – Former Prime Minister – Type 1 diabetes.

Sir Steve Redgrave CBE –  Type 2 diabetes – 6 Olympic gold medals.
“There is no reason why you can’t achieve your dreams but it takes a lot of patience to work out the right routine. I decided early on that diabetes was going to live with me, not me live with diabetes.”

Ben Coker  – Type 1 diabetes – Professional footballer
“When I first found out I had diabetes I was anxious that I might not be able to play football again. But I have learnt that it doesn’t affect me playing in the slightest. I eat correctly and keep a close eye on my levels to make sure I can play to my best.”

Elinor Crawley –  Type 1 diabetes – Actress
“The Diabetes UK welcome pack was brilliant and I even had my picture in The Tadpole Times! The fundraising they do for research is fantastic and I’ve really come to appreciate the vital support network they have created for people with the condition. It feels great knowing there is a team of people striving to make our lives easier.”

Chris Pennell – Type 1 – England international rugby player.
“When I was diagnosed, I was convinced that my ambitions to become a professional rugby player were over. Thankfully I discovered that I could manage the condition enough to still pursue a career in professional sport. Diabetes UK provide invaluable help and support and I hope that my involvement with the charity can show people that the condition needn’t prevent them from making the most of their chosen careers.”

We also strive to bring to the attention of those in authority, both local & national, issues of concern to people with diabetes and to foster an appreciation of their needs.

Find Us

If you have with Diabetes or care for someone who does, come and join us. We meet the second Wednesday of every other month starting in February, always at 7:30pm, see our  Diary for details. Come and join us at:

Christ Church
Heron Way

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Christ Church Location map

To find out more contact either:

Mike Coombs (Chair)
Jay McCaffery (Secretary) – 07518248908
Remember, you are not alone