Ribston Hall School For Girls Talks

The Group were approached by Ribston Hall School for Girls in Gloucester to see if any of the members would be willing to talk about their diabetes experiences to the first year 6th Form students.

This was to help the girls with their Health and Wellbeing A level, this requires them to, amongst other things, to understand several serious long term conditions that can affect people.  One of these being diabetes, and as well as finding out the purely medical facts of the condition, they were required to find out how it affects people and the family and friends in their everyday lives.

Three members answered the call, Margaret Skinner (Type 2), Ros Gibbs (Type 1) and Tina Power , whose husband had Type 1 diabetes.  This gave a good spread of the condition covering both types and the view of a family member.

Maragret, Ros and Tina all enjoyed giving the talks and found it easier (and less terrifying!!) that they first thought, as they were talking about their personal experiences, which meant there was no right or wrong, good or bad, but how they have dealt with their diabetes.

The talks were given in a very informal atmosphere, but put over in a very effective way.  Each was different but reinforced the message that whilst diabetes is a serious, potentially life threatening condition, with early diagnosis, a good understanding of it and good control, you can lead a normal life.

During and after the talks the students asked some very pertinent and probing questions, which showed they had taken great interest in the talks and wanted to fully understand the effect of diabetes.

Denise Stoner, the teacher for the subject was impressed with the talks and asked if she could contact the Group next year for speakers to talk to next years students.  So, Group members, be prepared for a volunteer call next year!

I would like to thank Maragret, Ros and Tina for giving up their time to speak to the students and also for giving such good talks, well done.  I also gave a short talk, but the real insight came from the three ladies.


Mike Broome
Group Chair & Secretary


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