St Oswald’s Retirement Village Talk

The Group received a request from Penny Hanes, the Wellbeing Advisor at St Oswald’s Retirement Village in Gloucester to give a short talk to the residents on diabetes awareness.  Also invited was Lisa Cooper, a diabetes nurse with Specialist Diabetes Service of  Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust.

Mike Broome gave a short talk covering what diabetes is, the risk factors, symptoms, including what hypos are and how to deal with them.  He also covered some of the common myths and misconceptions about diabetes.  One of the most common being that those with diabetes cannot eat sugar, which of course we all know is not true (but as we all know must be strictly controlled!)

Lisa then explained in more detail why and how diabetes affects the body, the various types of medication.  She also covered diet, explaining the different categories of food and drink, and what is best for those with diabetes and what what should  be either avoided or eaten in small quantities.

Lisa also talked about the courses run by the Specialist Diabetes Service for those with Type 2 diabetes.  These are short 2 – 3 hour courses and are open those newly diagnosed or those who feel they need a reminder of how they should be looking after themselves.  The courses are:

Diabetes and You – covers understanding diabetes, its affects, treatments and brief overview of diet.

Diabetes, Food and You – What foods are best, how they affect your glucose levels, diet myths, food categories and food labelling.

Diabetes, Insulin and You – For Type 2 diabetics who have moved onto insulin within the last 12 months.

Details of the courses can be obtained by emailing : or contact Mike who can forward an application leaflet.

Mike would like to thank  Penny Hanes for organising the talk making Mike and Lisa so welcome.