Annual General Meeting – 8 Feb 17

The Groups  Annual General Meeting was held during the February Meeting, of which the minutes, including the Chair’s & Treasure’s reports, will be sent to all members.

Elections took place for the Group Committee.  Mike Broome (Chair & Secretary) and Graham Terrett (member) stood own from the Committee.  Jay McCaffery and Vivienne Gay  volunteered to join the Committee and both were voted on by a unanimous vote of those present.  There were no other volunteers to join the committee.  The remaining existing Committee members put themselves up for re-election, and were again accepted by a unanimous vote.   The Committee comprises of:

  • Chair
    • TBA
  • Secretary
    • TBA
  • Treasurer
    • Bob Watford
  • Vice Chair
    • Mike Coombs
  • Members
    • Jay McCaffery
    • Kevin Powell
    • Margaret Skinner
    • Viv Gay

The positions of Chair and Secretary will be confirmed by the new Committee by the end of February.  Under the Group rules Mike Broome will remain as Chair & Secretary until 28 Feb to effect the handover to the new incumbents.

Update:  Mike Coombs has been confirmed as the new Chair wef 1 Mar 17 and Jay McCaffery as the new Secretary wef 1 Jun 17