Big Collection Weekend – 13 & 14 June 2015

Well another Big Collection Weekend (BCW) has come and gone, this year being the third year we have taken part, albeit only over two days this year.  This year the weekend was organised as  part of the partnership between Diabetes UK, British Heart Foundation and Tesco’s.  We collected again at the Tesco’s St Oswald’s store in Gloucester.

Buckets ready - Jane, Sarah and Anne-Marie
Buckets ready – Jane, Sarah and Anne-Marie

We were collecting from 9 am to 6pm on the Saturday and from 10am to 4pm on the Sunday.  The weather was a little bit damp and cold (for June!) on the Saturday, which resulted in a bit of a slow start, but the shoppers soon came in their droves(!) with many dropping some coins in the buckets.  The Sunday was brighter, although again a slow start but it soon picked up with a steady flow of shoppers passing us by.  Again many stopped to make a donation.  Whilst we had set out our stall I do not think we had as many people stop and ask for information or advice as we did last year, we certainly did not hand out as many leaflets this year.Regardless all the volunteer collectors were enthusiastic and cheerful and I think enjoyed the experience and thanks to their willing efforts, after a quick count by myself, we collected a total of £686.16, although this is subject to confirmation as this year Tesco’s had agreed to count the money with their coin counter machine  and bank it.  I was glad of this as nearly seven hundred pound in coins is a little on the  heavy side when it comes to having carry it to the bank!

Mike C, Helen & Campbell.
Mike C, Helen & Campbell.

I would like to say a big thank you to the following for giving up their valuable time and their enthusiastic and willing approach to collecting:

Mike Coombs
Helen Bishop
Campbell Boggon
Sarah Gibbons & daughter Rosie
Anne-Marie Taylor & daughter Ella
Pat Douse
Norman Douse
Michelle Douse
Jane Broome
Sally Robbins

Also thanks to Bob Granville, Tesco’s Community Support Rep for the St Oswald’s store and the rest of the Tesco’s staff who helped make the weekend a success.

There will probably be another Big Collection Weekend next year, so if you are around when its on, come on down and volunteer, it really can be enjoyable and fun – mind you purple & red hair is not compulsory!!!

Mike Broome
BCW Team Leader
Tesco’s St Oswalds Store.

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