June 2016 Meeting – Henry Tellwright – Diabetes Dietician, Gloucester Royal Hospital.

For our June meeting we had Henry Tellwright, a Diabetes Dietician at Gloucester Royal Hospital come along to talk about what is best for us all to eat, which of course is not necessarily what we want to!

Henry was also assisted by two student dieticians, Hannah Bennett and Daniel Lyons.  The talked covered how the body deals with food when eaten and the effects of too much sugar and fats for those with diabetes.  They also discussed the basics of healthy eating and how in reality this applied to everyone, not just those with diabetes.

There was also a lively debate on the relevant merits of different diets, in particular a low carbohydrate diet, whilst these have been shown to work, the long term effects are not fully understood at present, with more research looking into this.  This is not to say people should not use such diets, but its advised that they discuss it with their medical care team first.

Overall it was an interesting and informative evening.