Diabetes Talk – Church of God of Prophecy – Gloucester

Mike Coombs was approached by  Sharon Henry fro the  Church of God of Prophecy in Melbourne Street East,  Gloucester, to see if someone from the Group would be available to give a talk about diabetes.

Mike Broome agreed and  went along on Sun 6 Nov 16 to give a short talk giving a brief explanation of what diabetes is, the risk factors, symptoms and a broad outline of how it is treated.  He explained what hypos are and how to deal with them.  Finally he covered what the Gloucester Group does and how it and Diabetes UK can give  support and help to those with diabetes and their friends and families.

He also went through some of the common myths and misconceptions about diabetes.  The most common being that those with diabetes cannot eat sugar, which we all know is not true (but of course it must be controlled!)

The evening appeared to be a success and those present asked many varied and pertinent questions, which Mike tried his best to answer.  Mike would like to thank Sharon and the Church of God of Prophecy members for inviting him along and also for the generous donation to the Group which, as always, is very much appreciated.