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Advance Notice – October Group Meeting

Diabetes UK’s Gloucester Support Group is set to celebrate its 10th anniversary by taking a look at how their parent charity operates at the regional and national level.

The October meeting, being held on Wednesday 10th at Christ Church in Abbeydale, will feature a visit from Gemma Jackson, who is the Volunteering and Outreach Manager for the South West Region of Diabetes UK. Continue reading Advance Notice – October Group Meeting

August 2018 Meeting – Podiatry Presentation

Anne & Emma
Anne & Emma

In August we were pleased to have Ann & Emma, Community Specialist Podiatrists from Gloucestershire Podiatry Services come to let us into the secrets of looking after our feet.

They gave a very in depth talk covering such things as the complications of diabetes, regularly checking our feet and what to look  and what is the best sort of footwear.  They illustrated their talk with some rather gruesome photos of what can go wrong if your feet are not cared for.

They also informed us that you can self refer yourself for a podiatry appointment.   For more information follow this link:   Gloucestershire Podiatry Care  then click on the Podiatry self-referral form on the right under Podiatry or email :  Gloucestershire Podiatry

Inside our feet!
Inside our feet!

For more info on footcare click on the following Diabetes UK – Footcare.

June 2018 Meeting – Quiz

For the June meeting a quiz was held.  The quiz setter and quiz master for the night was Bob Watford.

Bob had set a very interesting quiz including two “table top” quizzes, one to identify well known(ish!) logos/trademarks, the other to name various UK towns & cities from their scrambled up names – i.e. STELEEICR.

Everyone attending also brought along some food to share during the mid quiz break.

It was a very enjoyable, if mind stretching

at times, with the eventual winners being the Numskulls consisting of Campbell, Gaye and Sally, well done to them.

By the way the city was Leicester

February 18 Meeting – Annual General Meeting

At the February meeting the group held its AGM.  After the treasurer (Bob Watford) and Chair (Mike Coombs) read out their reports, they were passed as correct by those present.

The following changes were made to the Committee:

Viv Gay and Margaret Skinner stepped down.
Robert McCaffery was voted onto the Committee.

The following were re-elected:

Mike Coombs – Chair.
Bob Watford – Treasurer.
Jay McCaffery – Secretary.
Kevin Powell – Member.

Mike finished by thanking Viv & Margaret for their help and support over the last year.

August 17 Meeting – Dr Samantha Kuok – Low Carbohydrate Diet

For our August meeting we had Dr Samantha Kuok from Saintbridge Surgery in Gloucester, come to give a very interesting and thought provoking talk on the benefits of a Low Carbohydrate Diet.

Dr Quok explained that a low-carb diet is one  that restricts carbohydrates, such as those found in sugary foods, pasta root vegetables and bread.  It is high in protein, fat and healthy vegetables.
Continue reading August 17 Meeting – Dr Samantha Kuok – Low Carbohydrate Diet